Saturday, November 26, 2011


Well, I did it.  This is our very first Thanksgiving table, and I was so excited to Host Thanksgiving this year and have all of my family present, especially my Two Sons - Christopher and David.  Having both of my Sons here was very special because since they've moved to different states (separately), its been a little challenging to have them here together at the same time.  And as I've posted a little while ago (see under Lables -Dining Table), this table represents that we can all come together, sit down and have a meal without having to hold food in our laps because we didn't have the space or a large enough table to seat every member of the family.  Usually Thanksgiving is held at my Mother's house, and she always went out of her way to make things nice and comfortable for everyone, but although everything was beautiful and well put together she just never had the space to seat everyone at the same time.  Because of this table all of that has changed - everything turned out wonderful!  It was truly a blessing.


  1. Arlene - this is a beautiful Thanksgiving table. What a feast! I love the lamps and of course...the chocolate cake (oh my)! : )