Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ali, bought these beautiful red & white Roses for my Birthday (He's so wonderful!)  Because I love my flowers one color and with lots of greens mixed in (I do like some mixed arrangements);  I figured I'd be a little creative and make multiple arrangements! 
I used the same vase to see different looks
White Roses in a tall glass vase

Red Roses in a red vase

White Roses in a silver vase
Red Roses in the same tall glass vase

Here are the Babybreaths that were mix in with the Roses
 (I also like them as one).
I purchased this little cup bowl for only ($1) dollar at a thrift store

This is an old green drinking glass that I had for years, and I couldn't bare to part with it.  I had a set of four (the others broke of course!) I use it as a small vase now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm really not a fan of plastic hangers. So, when I looked into my Sister's closet and saw that it was a bit chaotic, and she had (plastic hangers!) I knew she needed a little help.  She sent me shopping and this was the end result.
I purchased these wood hangers from Loews on sale for $3.50 (25 count)

Storage boxes from D&D discount store ($5) each.



I also did a little linen closet organizing for my Sister's friend.



Those are separaters between the linens. It keeps everything in its own place, and looks neat.
I purchased them from The Container Store for about $10.00 for a pack of two. The brown basket bins are from ikea. I got them in the clearence section for about a $1.00 or $2

All done!

Monday, September 20, 2010

My boyfriend, Ali and I are not really big on Lunch; were more breakfast and dinner kind of people. This afternoon we decided we were a little hungry, so I whipped up a couple of yummy tuna sandwiches with some special seasonings and ingredients. As you can see, lots of love and care went into it. (lol)

Chopping celery

Tuna & soy mayo

Open face

Tuna sandwich & spicy tortilla chips

Ahh!! Lunch and a special creative drink.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paint & Reupholster

I'm finally going to do some painting, and maybe even a little bit of upholstering. I've been putting this little project off for awhile now (Lazy me!) I have a few things that I want to paint, and some things that just need a little freshening up. I'm soon off to the paint store (hopefully!)