something I do often is set a table up in the livingroom.  I like to change things up a bit, the light that comes through is so bright and it's kind of cozy too. 

It can be quite an illusion that there's a lot of eggs on this plate, but it's actually the addition of vegetables that make this breakfast dish seem like more.  There's only one egg and one egg white with fresh baby spinach, onions, tomatos and a sprinkle of feta cheese. 

I like vegetables with my eggs, it gives the eggs a nice kick of flavor.  And it's filling without adding a lot of extra fat.  It also doesn't hurt to get some extra vegetables in.

Glass Plates

Looking forward to using my VERY inexpensive new find.
 A slice of cake or colorful salad will look really nice on these glass plates 

Scone Breakfast w/ fresh strawberries & yogurt

Daily Tea

 We love tea.  Drinking Two or even Three cups in a day is very normal for us - especially in the winter.  Yes, Ali and I are big tea drinkers.
Ali's cup is always the dark green and I'm Light green


I finally went to the House Beautiful kitchen of the year at Rockefeller Center- designed by Chef Tyler Florence of the Food Network.  He's the latest designer to put together a beautiful kitchen just like fellow designers before him: Jeff Lewis 2010, Ina Garten 2009 and Christopher Peacock 2008 Another great thing - when it's all over and done- everything in the kitchen is donated to Habitat for Humanity.  I'm glad I made time to go this year - it was very nice.

Alfresco dining
It was so damn hot!  Like over 104 or more degrees that day - can you see the candle to the right melting?

 Patio/lounge area with canopy
I thought this was pretty nice - except, it really was too hot to sit out there!  100 degree weather drives me nuts!  I don't know how these people were doing it.  But you can bet my ass was inside where it was cooler.

Inside dining and kitchen areas

 Silvestre Mora, Executive Chef from AJ Maxwell's Steakhouse preparing-Beef Wellington. 


Placing the filet mignon in a puff pastry sheet

All done!
 He made lots of mini wellingtons for everyone.  I don't eat beef so, I could only look at everyone saying how delicious it taste - sorry! No Chicken.


I found these cute little cup bowls at a thrift store, and they where like new.  The silver around the edges - not a scratch!  And they're a nice size for dessert, or placing voltive/tea candles -  I haven't decided yet.  In all, they had about Twelve.  I was going to buy six, but I like to buy extra just in case one or two brake, and of course they probaly will, so I took eight.  Oh!  Did I mention, I only paid $.50 cents for each?

Ali & I, are getting ready to chow down on a nice asian meal I cooked up.  And make no mistake we do know how to use those chop sticks - very well!  Especially Ali, he use to live in China for a while - he's an expert at it.  Lol 


I found these skewers at a Chinatown store in Toronto.
The bead-caps (I call it that) can make food/appetizers look so much more fancier than just the plain sticks alone.  And it's easier to hold - just grab the green bead!
 They came in different colors - can you see the price?
Not too bad for (50ct) at $2.39 although here in New York it may be even cheaper.

Breakfast with Christopher

My Son Christopher is here in New York (he lives in Georgia).  I, of course had to make him a nice little breakfast and you know how I love setting the table.

Breakfast table set-up. 

I love setting the table for breakfast and dinner.  And even though it's just the Two of us, I don't think that's an excuse not too.  And it's so intimate & cozy (I love cozy). I like to bring out all my nice dishwares and little dainty stuff - like my small jelly/jam server on this table.  I don't wait for company to drop by I treat us everyday.

A day at Jackie's 

I went to my Sister Jackie's home just to hang out, and have a little dinner.  Well, we are definitely a family that like to entertain - no matter who's coming over!  And the fact that I'm her sister didn't really matter.  Just like our Mother - She always go over the top.

Look!  Just for me.  Smoked Gouda cheese, sweet seedless white grapes & she knows I love dark chocolate.  And these cookies were delicious!  I had to be mindful not to eat to many.  There was also some really good bread (artisan whole grain bread not shown).  I was the only one there!

Romantic Simplicity

I just like simple sometimes.

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