Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Ali & I  recently went to a Chocolate Expo they had going on in Westchester.  Ali happen to see an advertisement for the show, and he knows how much I love chocolate (only the dark kind), so off we went.    I didn't even know they had an event like this going on!  I was so excited to go, because I knew we were going to get to sample all of those delicious chocolates.

It started to get a bit busy over here.

This booth had so many different peanut butters - even dark chocolate.  I believe they sell this in some of the supermarkets as well. 

A good amount of people showed-up.  And It was beautiful outside that day too.

Doesn't this look so gooood!

They had so many flavors of Pie Tarts: Sour cherry, Pecan, Pumkin -so many others, and of course Chocolate!  We were able to sample them all, but we didn't.  The ones we tried were really good though.

I thought this was fun.  They had hand-cuffs, tools, a deck of cards- just all kinds of interesting things made out of chocolate.

I just liked this nice warm leaf tree

All kinds of tasty fudge.

I should have taken a picture of this Lady- better yet, I wish I could've recorded her.  She was so funny- really selling her company's chocolate goods like a champ.  And she did a good job too!  We got to taste samples of some delicious truffles. 

Chocolate everywhere!

Chocolate Buddahs

Samples of cinnamon or chocolate buns

Lots of nuts- regular and chocolate covered

Chocolate covered apples

Even Wine!

This company had so many different kind of Balsamic Vinegars.  I couldn't believe all of the many flavors they had - Even, Yes!  Chocolate.  I didn't particularly care for it though.  I guess some things you just have to leave alone. 

I love good Magazines especially if there about (Health, Food, and Home).  And the fantastic thing about this table, was that they all were nice and FREE!  And even better, you could take as many of them as you'd like (no limit).

I just loved that this company made chocolate shoes.  Can you even begin to emagine how you would take a bite out of that shoe?

I want to put it in a glass cabinet and just look at it, and think everyday, is this the day I'm going to eat my shoe.  Lol

Ali & I sampled enough, that by the time we were ready to go, I didn't really want to buy much.  We picked- up a few things though.

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  1. drooling over these pics...As a bonafide chocolate lover, I would've loved to go to this. I went to something similar at the Javitz center once for work way back when. It's never as much fun when it's work related.