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Freezing Strawberries

I recently found out the proper way to freeze Strawberries is to lay them spread out separately (an aluminum baking sheet is best), and place them in the freezer.  This way they'll freeze faster and will retain less water and keep their color better.  Also, they won't be as watery and mushy when it's time to thaw out.

After the strawberries are solid place them in a freezer bag - now when I need to grab for a few they won't be stuck together.

Ready to go back into the freezer


I am truly fascinated by how many apples we have available.  I've come to realize this by going to the farmers market and seeing all of the different varieties they have to offer.  I look around, and there are
names I've never heard of before.  Shopping at the supermarket; the kind of apples they offer (about six) are limited - at least were I've gone.     I never see certain types like: Honey Crisp and Winesap - two kind that have become my favorites!

Gala Apples

I don't like a mushy apple and the Gala apple has a good crunch to it.  If you want a real crunch, I think honey crisp & Winesap are two of the best!

A bowl of Galas

Farmers Market Friday

Beautiful concord grapes
They had a nice sweet & sour taste to them


Italian rustic on the left and San Francisco whole wheat sourdough on the right

And this is what came home
(those are plums in the basket)

Peaches & Melons

Farmers market journey!  I bought these peaches and melons, and of course I'm ready to make something good out of them.  The melons were only $2 each, and coming from the farmers market - that's actually not too bad considering it can get a little expensive depending on what you get.  I've found that if you go towards the end; close to when their soon ready to pack-up, you can get things a lot cheaper - like half the price. 

Maybe I'll make a peach sauce.


I found these really nice glass cake/salad plates at a local thrift store in my neighborhood -a set
six and they only cost me a mere .50ct each.
Cute design

I also found these ceramic saucers.  Yes, that's .25ct

Arent these Salt & Pepper shakers fun?

Fresh Veggies

Frozen vegetables are great and definitely necessary.  But we also have to balance it with fresh.  I keep a bag of frozen broccoli in my freezer all the time, but I have to remind myself to be consistent to go out and get fresh as well.

Farmers Market

I love going to the farmers market, but I don't like the over congestion of people - and so early in the morning!  At 11:00 AM it's already jam packed!  I guess everyone an early riser like me.  blah!   

Looking for some fresh Basil

I put my basil in the refrigerator in a glass of water.    

Puerto Rico - Avocado

This delicious Avocado was given to me.  It traveled by plane, and came straight off the tree from Puerto RicoI used half for dinner one night, and the other half with our breakfast the next day.  It's so good with an Omelet!

Miniture baking tins

When it comes down to baking, using these little tins are really fun.  I make cake, corn muffins or whatever I may need a mold for.

 And because of there small size - they bake super fast!

If I'm going to entertain, I can make as many as needed in a flash!


I didn't know carrots came in so many different colors!  I believe you'll need to go to the farmers market to see this kind of variety.


Chopping Onions!

Some may think its strange, but I actually like chopping onions.  I know - who would want to do that!  I have a food processor that can easily do the job, but I find that it's cathartic.  I also believe if you chop a certain way it won't burn the eyes so much.  Well, sometimes!

Frozen Vegetables

I think frozen vegetables are so necessary.  I love fresh, but when I want to make something right away and don't feel like going to the grocery store or farmers market, I can go right into the freezer and grab what I need in a flash!  Because, I'm a stir-fry Queen! Lol

Freezing Waffles

I make and freeze waffles in advance just so we can have them ready to pop into the toaster at any given time.  But, I'll admit that I mostly do it to have as a snack/dessert.  I have it with vanilla Ice cream, homemade dark chocolate, fruit & maple syrup.

Batter made from whole wheat grain flour

I love my waffle maker!
This was definitely a great little investment.

Let cool

Ready to go into the freezer

Cast Iron wonderfulness!

Aren't these cast iron pans wonderful?  Look at the shapes!  It's such a shame I haven't own or cooked in a cast iron pan in years; my Mother has own one forever!  Everyone should at least have, One.  When I saw these they were on sale at a price I couldn't refuse: $10.00 each -  I thought that was a really good deal.

Wok style

Small casserole/stew pot w/lid

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