Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love these!

These gloves are great!  There thick, long, easy to take off and a bit stylish too.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Aprons, Towels & Napkins

I love all my aprons.  And believe it or not - I actually put one on everytime I cook.  They hang in my kitchen on a side wall, and when I'm ready to start cooking - I just grab for one.  My Mom gave me these aprons years ago (she's had them for long time).  I've also seen some really cute ones at a couple of stores I go to. (I'll be sure to post a picture when I buy a new one). The half aprons are cutesy, but I really like the full length ones.  I have a special one - it covers from front to back, and go all the way to the floor. (not shown).  And Yes!  My Mom gave me that one too.

Towels & Napkins:

I keep all my dish towels in this draw (well, not all of them).  I use them to dry the dishes, and I like to have plenty (as you can see), so I can change them up often.

More dish towels!  But these are a little more fancier (left side).  There so huge I can't really use them for drying, so I put them by the stove, and use them as hand/finger towels when I cook.  My table cloths are in the middle, and the basket to the right hold all my table napkins.  Oh!  And if your wondering what's that plaid thing in the middle; that's my little cloth bread/muffin box.  I had to have it! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doing a little work in the kitchen

Although I have a home office, I find myself taking my laptop all through out my home; and the kitchen is one of them.