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 Oatmeal Strawberry Banana Bake

I made this delicious oatmeal bake for breakfast.  I love oatmeal, and I'm glad I found another way to eat it.  Ali is starting to like it a lot more now too.

Layering the bananas

Then the strawberries

Rolled Oats

All done!
It came out perfect!  Nice & browned

The inside was good and moist - not dried out.  I also added some walnuts - my favorite!

YUM!  Ali & I ate it all up by the next day.  We even had some as a dessert in the evening; It was like a banana/strawberry crisp.

Cupcake Wars!

Strawberry Heads vs. Chocolate Chip Vikings

Don't you love a little presentation?

Soup Fusilli
w/chicken, vegetables & sweet potatoes

Coconut, Chick pea & Spinach
on a bed of whole wheat cous cous 

pouring in coconut milk

My Oatmeal Cookies again!

I've said it before I always make these cookies all the time for me and Ali.  But I do like to get a little creative and mix in, or top them off with a little something different.  This time I melted and drizzled some good dark chocolate I bought from the shop of Chocolatier-Jacques Torres.

Orange loaf cake
w/cream cheese frosting

Fresh squeezed orange juice


 drizzled with honey

Two different kind of pizza-same crust

These Two pizzas have the same crust (made from Ciabatta bread). But the only difference -
the toppings! These crust are store bought - for those last minute; I want to eat now and don't want to roll out the dough days.  The first one has: onions, black olives & goat cheese (love goat cheese).  The second one below is layered with: chicken, spinach & mozzarella cheese with a finish of fresh parmigiana.  My new thing - explore different options for toppings to make an interesting pizza everytime. I'm thinking of doing a breakfast pizza with eggs/tofu, cheese and some other different toppings.  Sounds interesting?  Why should things be the usual!
Both, before going into the oven
Just out of the Oven
I didn't get a picture of the finished out of the oven, goat cheese pizza (first pizza above); we just jumped in and ate it so fast!  Lol 
Chicken Pizza
Note: they both freeze really well

Artisan raisin nut bread
w/ cream cheese & strawberry preserves

I have a guilty pleasure for french fries.  I usually always, always!  Make my fries baked in the oven, and I like to cut them up straight from the potato itself.  But this time, I was just bad!  I, fried them (only once in a year).  I forgive myself.

Grilled chicken cutlet sandwich
with mozzerella cheese

Triple decker T U N A

I didn't cook on this day - It was a very simple evening.
I made this sandwich for Ali.  I call this my easy day sandwich.

Melon Smoothie
with yogurt & almond milk

Roast Chicken  

This is by far one of the best roast chickens I've cooked.  The seasonings was right on point, it was flavorful, and came out very juicy (I was nervous about it turning out dry - I didn't have a thermometer).  The legs came apart during the cooking process - I guess I didn't secure it well. 
But that's okay, because it was delicious! 

          Garlic & Rosemary Herb butter for rubbing inside and out
I also added: onions, green bell peppers & fresh lemon

Cantaloupe & Yogurt
(see: The Pantry page)

Raisin Scones

I've never made Scones before, but these actually came out pretty good.  It was a nice simple recipe - just how I like it!


Scones can be different shapes.  I like the triangle.

All set-up and ready to go into the oven

All Done!

Double Banana Smoothie with a stir

I made this smoothie for me and Ali as a breakfast starter.  Check out my banana stir!

simple cupcake with a sweet sour cream icing

This is exactly how I like my bread toasted

Salmon croquette patties

These patties are sooo good.  I added fresh squeezed lemon juice - which gives it a really nice tang.  It's just one of many ingredients that can be added to give salmon croquettes a different kind of flavor.

 I'm a serious chopper!

Multi-color pasta
Just right for this hot weather

Summer pasta bowl with veggies, toasted seaseme oil and seeds. 
It taste good cold too!

Grandmother & Grandson

My grandson is helping me with a little baking. 
Look at his little chef's outfit - he's so cute! 

Mixing dry ingredients

Now he's really into it!

It's hot out there!  And I'm getting geared up to make lots of different salads; here's a salad based with romaine lettuce, tomato & chicken (the tomato is under there somewhere).

toppings: chick peas, corn, crumble bleu cheese & sliced almonds 

with stir-fry basmati rice, mushrooms & chopped brussel sprouts

One thing for sure, you will see many stir-fried dishes, and here is one of many to come.

Stew exciting!

                                    can you see all the yummie different things in this stew?

Turkey cutlets, mashed sweet potato & fresh string beans- sauteed in olive oil, w/ caramelized onions & peanuts.

Chicken vegetable barley soup

with mozzarella & ricotta cheese

I made my own sauce using: crushed tomato, onions, green bell peppers & fresh garlic.  The sauce was even better the next day.

Spinach Western Cheese Omelet
minus the ham

I make all kinds of omelets.  I know a traditional western omelet is made with ham, but that's okay because I tweak a lot of my cooking (all the time!) I like to make our omelets with different cheeses, vegetables and breads - just to keep things a little interesting; this way we don't feel like were having the same ole omelet all the time. 

Chicken & Broccoli

Double chocolate cream cake
Totally Vegan

I'm so proud of myself!  I made this delicious totally vegan double chocolate cream cake all from scratch - in which I try to do with most all my cooking.  I'm especially proud of my frosting, it was made from silken tofu (no Betty Crocker here).  And the cake itself - was so moist.  Ali and I ate it up in no time.  Lol 

 Crusty French bread
w/mozzarella cheese

Rotelle & Lentils
w/ tomato, onions and green bell peppers

Scramble eggs, artisan whole grain bread & smoked gouda cheese

Bean Story:

Beans and Legumes are not only good for you, but the variety of how many ways to cook them- are endless!  I use them every week in so many dishes from: pasta- rice- salads - soups and stews.  I've even made a meatloaf using beans (I'm still trying to perfect it).  I keep a nice little variety in my pantry- cupboard in clear glass jars; ready for whatever meal I'm planning to make.  Of course raw un-cooked beans need to soak over night, but you can speed things up a little by boiling them for a couple minutes, then setting them aside for an hour before cooking them.  Also, keeping a few cans on hand is not such a bad idea when you just don't want to wait a few hours for beans to cook (I buy the low sodium kind).  I try not to cook from can as much- from scratch is always better.  And the bonus- its so in-expensive!

Chick peas in its own sauce

Blackeye peas, w/chicken, stringbeans & cornbread  

Breakfast simplicity
Homemade banana nut muffin w/sliced oranges

Chicken cutlet Parm (with stir-fried rice)

Chicken Pad Thai

I was slightly disappointed how the picture came out, but you can basically get a general idea.  Right? 

Cupcake Muffin
w/Cream Cheese Cool whip frosting   

It doesn't look glamorous, but it sure was yummy.
No fuss!  I just slathered it on. 

Cheddar Cheese Cornbread
Homemade (from scratch)

I also do veggie bacon & cheddar corn muffins.  When my Son came to visit from
Virginia, I made him the corn muffins with regular bacon! 

Polenta Four cheese casserole
with mixed vegetables (including spinach)

For The Love of Oatmeal!

Homemade Oatmeal raisin
& Chocolate chip Cookies

I make these cookies all the time.  Whenever I want a snack, I whip them up in 10 minutes.  I make half chocolate chip for Ali, and half raisin for me.  Between prep and oven time, were eating them in about 30 minutes!

 Right out of the oven!

I prepared this yogurt with some fruit, and added some left over oatmeal cookies from the previous night.  I know what your thinking - cookies for breakfast!  Well actually this particular batch was made with apple sauce, so it wasn't such a bad idea; It was like having a different kind of granola on top.  And it is made of oatmeal, right?  

Steel cut Oatmeal
with raisins, walnuts & Cinnamon
I love steel cut oatmeal- It has a really nice bite to it.

Manicotti Stuffed with Spinach

Watermelon Pucker Surprise !

My Mother gave me some watermelon to take home one evening.  I thought great!  Ali and I will have something to snack on later.  Well, we actually didn't get to eat it, or should I say drink it until a few days later.
I started thinking what else could I do with this Melon, so I decided to experiment (I think I'm a mad scientist sometimes.  Lol), and blend the watermelon with some fresh squeeze lemon juice - It was so delicious!  

 When Ali came home I decided to take it a bit further, and added some strawberries it was
tastier than just putting lemons in alone.
Ali's Drink

Grilled Tofu, Basmati rice & Chic peas smothered in sauce with cut up veggie bacon

Chocolate Pound Cake Loaf
(I made this Chocolate loaf from scratch)

A slice of chocolate pound cake with french vanilla soy ice cream

Rotelle deelish!

I made a homemade sauce from an Italian tomato paste that I love using- mixed it with some soy ground meat, and made a great meat sauce to go with this Rotelle.  I also sprinkled some fresh ground parmigiana cheese and parsley on top.

Shrimp & Lentil Stew w/noodles & veggies

Yogurt with bananas, granola, 
walnuts and Asian pears.
 Blueberry pancakes
(w/walnuts & honey)

French Toast with apples, raisins & walnuts. 

Making a yummy salad to go with dinner
Roasting the pecans
Salad with roasted pecans
Fresh cut-up vegetables
Sauteing onions and veggies

I love making a good stir-fry!

Salmon steaks marinating in pineapple juice & teriyaki sauce

Vegetable stir-fried rice with pineapple teriyaki Salmon

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