Hi!  I'm Deion (aka The BEAR), and today I'll be showing you all some of my COOL moves.

And I'm off!

I'm a movin fast!


I'm good at this


Checking my breaks.  I think I may need a tune-up.

Okay!  everything is good.  Away I go...

Defying my Nanina, by running through the water when she said not to.  But she loves me anyway.

Look at me from behind

I'm so happy!  Thanks, Nanina.  I love you..

Entertainment - Bohemian Street Style

I thought this group was cute.

Pics from Canada

Look!  An invasion.
I thought this was kinda wild - such fun to look at. 
Can you imagine walking up and seeing this for real?

I just thought this was pretty cool.

I definitely looove Chocolate - no milk (only the finest dark, or nothing-yes, I'm a stinker! Or if you want to call it snobbish.  But only when it comes down to my coffee and chocolates lol).  Am I an Addict?   No!  I saw this sign, so I went over to see what they had.  I don't want to be mean, but this place did not have great chocolate.  I thought I was going to go in there and find some good stuff, but all I saw was little cheape looking chocolates.  Chocolate Addicts - I don't think so..

Love the sign though!

I had to take a picture of this sign - of course!
Can you guess why?  If you've been reading this blog- you'll know.

Taking a cool bath

It's too damn hot!


I saw these beautiful flowers in all these different colors on a trip to New Jersey.  And I couldn't resist taking some pictures.   
deep pinks
warm yellows
 fresh whites

My Two Men
Ali & grandson, Deion aka (The Bear)

Playing angry birds 

Niagara Falls


What a beautiful sight!

  Photo - courtesy of Ali Green

Washington DC

 Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree

 Tulips (we all need a bit of color)

 They look so fake, right?

 New York City

 The Philly Dragon

Graaawww!!! (I'll eat you..)

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