Friday, October 1, 2010

Shopping a thrift

My Sister's friend wanted a Loveseat in one of her rooms. She asked if I could find her one, so off I went looking.  I found this fabulous olive green Loveseat at a thrift store (you may not be able to see the color that well, but it is a very nice olive green).  It was practically new - not a scratch on it.  It looked like it came straight off the showroom floor. Seriously!

By adding different pillows, she can change the look many times over.
We got these pillows from Target.

I also found her this settee at an open Flea Market in N.J.
for only $25.00

I decided to paint it to give it a nice up-dated look (I threw away those old plastic cushions).
Instead of buying more paint, I used some blue and yellow paint she already had; I mixed them up
and got this lovely spring pale green color.
Ready for some pillows & cushions! 
I think this color is very spring/summery.  Now, the fun part is going shopping to pick out all of the wonderful prints and patterns that will go so well with it.  

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