Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ali, bought these beautiful red & white Roses for my Birthday (He's so wonderful!)  Because I love my flowers one color and with lots of greens mixed in (I do like some mixed arrangements);  I figured I'd be a little creative and make multiple arrangements! 
I used the same vase to see different looks
White Roses in a tall glass vase

Red Roses in a red vase

White Roses in a silver vase
Red Roses in the same tall glass vase

Here are the Babybreaths that were mix in with the Roses
 (I also like them as one).
I purchased this little cup bowl for only ($1) dollar at a thrift store

This is an old green drinking glass that I had for years, and I couldn't bare to part with it.  I had a set of four (the others broke of course!) I use it as a small vase now.

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