Friday, August 19, 2011

Kitchen up-grade

Etagere: A New Home

I went shopping for my Sister, and bought this etagere from a thrift store.  She needed something to place her television on as well as some other things like: Books and DVDs.  Well, my Sister recently moved from her apartment, and I took this baby off her hands.  Now it's home in my kitchen where my nice little table/prep island use to be (I miss that table). I ate and did all my food prepping there.  But I really wanted to make a transition of having a place where I could just have everything within arms length; without having to reach into four different directions for everything I need.  When you cook as often as I do - it makes perfect sense.

 Yah!  All my goodies in one place.

 My old table/prep island

I kept thinking, what could I do with this table (I really didn't want to let it go).
Then it came to me; take the top off and use it as a counter prep board! 

I placed the top of my old table on top of my counter 
And here it is: Voila!

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